Color Palettes: Mid-Century Modern

Soft Glass Color Inspiration

Is there a more quintessential color scheme that represents the mid-century modern vibe as well as teal and ocher yellow?

No. There is not.

My second choice would be throwing down some orange and ocher green with a coffee brown, but if we are to take the vibe of mid-century modern and match it up against the current 'everything is gray' trend ... then teal and yellow wins.

mid-century modern glass color scheme

While the glass beads don't contain any actual gray, after I snapped the photo [against a gray backdrop] I had a moment ... and realized the overall combination made the most perfect mid mod color palette. swoon.

And if I'm being transparent, this palette matches my current home decor so it needed to be made into a color swatch. 

If you are looking for paint colors that might match this vibe ... consider Benjamin Moore Citrus Burst or Chartreuse for the ocher, and Oceanfront or Caribbean Cool for the teal. Stonington Gray looks good with both. Pretty close match wouldn't you say?

mid-century modern paint color palette

If you wanted to make a set of beads incorporating all these colors, there are some lovely grays available that would match quite well to the swatch. I find the Reichenbach grays tend to have a cooler undertone than most of my Effetre. 

These base glass colors were used in the beads:

  • Effetre 212 Pea Green
  • Effetre 232 Light Turquoise
  • CIM Pumpkin
  • Reichenbach R53 Pine Tree Green

While the actual beads are a bit brighter than my photo swatch ... if I was going for an exact match in glass it would be Vetrofond Yellow Ocher. Cause really, is there a better chartreuse color in glass? 

But you seriously cannot go wrong pairing just about any shade of yellow or green with teal. The combination will never disappoint.

Looking for more glass color combinations and layering recipes? Stay tuned for my upcoming e-book and subscribe to my blog. Shop my Etsy store for glass beads and jewelry.

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