Color Palettes: Olive & Aqua

Lampworking Soft Glass Color Reference

I've been doing a half-baked job of taking notes when I make beads ... but I am on a mission to catalog all my bead sets and the glass colors I use to create them.

There are three driving reasons for this: 

olive and aqua lampwork glass rods and beads

First, I have a hard time remembering what some colors look like after they've been worked in the flame and I want color charts that I can quickly reference. So I do it for me.

Second, I am working on my first e-book of color recipes. Since I cannot lampwork fulltime, e-book sales will help continue funding my glass habits. My hope is to build a library of resources so even when I am unable to make art, I can keep my business going. 

Finally, I want to share my knowledge and experience. Early in my beadmaking I asked other lampworkers 'do you mind sharing what color that is?' Some were gracious with their knowledge, others were not. And while yes, I do plan to compile much of this information into for profit e-books, I still want to share freely and give back to the lampworking community.

Stay tuned for news about my upcoming e-book, and subscribe to my blog for freebie color references and inspiration.

These beads were made with the following glass:

* CIM 476 Olive

* Effetre 224 Light Sky Blue

* Effetre 232 Light Turquoise

* Effetre 006 Super Clear

* Reichenbach R235c Smoke Blue [96]

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