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07/13/2024 - Mark your calendars for Monday the 15th! I am putting the finishing touches on my first e-book of color recipes and will be listing it on Etsy in just a couple of short days.

06/18/2024 - Finally got some new beads listed on Etsy!

04/25/2024 - Curious what I have cooking up my sleeve? I have another big project in the works that I have dubbed 'The C2 Project'. If you've been following me for a long time, you might be able to figure it out sooner than later. But I will be documenting the process this time and posting about it on my Instagram account. Give me a follow if you want to watch the progress!

04/19/2024 - Looking for your next favorite color scheme? See my latest article on mid-century modern color palettes.

02/08/2024 - Struggling with getting colors out of striking glass? Read my article on working with striking glass like Raku.

02/01/2024 - Trying my hand at short video tutorials covering specific skills, topics, tips, or techniques in the hopes that lampworkers will find it helpful to see how other artists perform specific tasks.

Hop on over to my YouTube channel and check out my first video on pulling thin stringers. Let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your suggestions on topics you'd like to see me cover, or specific demonstrations you'd like to see. 

10/10/2023 - A scan of my blog determined I had too much repetitive thin content that is just me saying hi and telling you I have new beads. So I am cleaning it up and DELETING a lot of old posts. If you stumble upon a '404 - page not found' error, that is why. Cause it is gone. Poof. Deleted. You didn't miss anything. 

01/18/2023 - Now that the studio is up and running and I am making beads more consistently, I will be funneling my sales channel through my Etsy Shop. Eventually I will hop back over to the Facebook selling groups or perhaps another venue ... but Etsy is where you can find my lampwork glass beads for sale - along with fused glass art and jewelry.

10/20/2022 - New studio is complete! This is worthy of a photo tour so check out this post!


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