Color Palettes: What to Pair with the Color Red

Lampworking Soft Glass Color Reference

Red is not a color I tend to gravitate towards. Whenever I pull it from my glass stash I usually just stare at it aimlessly trying to figure out what to pair with it.

Then it goes back in its little cubby ... until I feel guilty that it never gets attention like the other colors do ... and I pull it out again, only to repeat the cycle.

But Fall is another story. When mother nature paints a gorgeous picture outside your window full of reds and yellows and greens and blues, then you know it is time. The red glass will have its day.

red blue green orange lampwork glass beads and color palette

Red, orange and yellow are a natural pairing as they are on the same side of the color wheel. Red and turquoise have been a popular combination for southwest designs. Red and green are together frequently at Christmas.

But put them all together and it's like the most perfect woolly sweater ever made. It's as if Fall just opened up the gates and poured itself all over the studio.

And really, who doesn't swoon just a little over that perfect chartreuse shade of green.

These beads were made with the following base glass colors:

* Effetre 232 Light Turquoise

* Effetre 412 Dark Yellow

* Effetre 422 Orange

* Vetrofond 436 Red Dark Special

* Vetrofond 460 Yellow Ocher

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