Christmas Joy

Lampwork Glass Colors for Christmas Designs

Is there a more quintessential combination of colors to represent Christmas than the traditional emerald green and ruby red? Nope. There is not.

I've done the whole 'vintage' Christmas theme with more muted burgundies and olives. A deep maroon and hunter green also work well with traditional home decor. Lime green is always a fun twist to brighten things up - especially if you are fond of the grinch.

My personal preference is icy blue and white with snowflakes and icicles ... because I like to match my love for all things blue - even when it comes to holiday decor.

Metallic golds and silvers always reign supreme and when it comes to glitzing things up for Christmas, the more sparkles the better.

Ironically emerald green and ruby red are two colors that I never gravitate towards. Ever. I bought 1/4 pound of these colors when I first started lampworking (15 years ago) and I STILL have some left. That is how infrequently I use them.

But when I get in the festive spirit and decide to make Christmas beads, they are the two colors I grab first. Because they are the embodiment of the true colors of Christmas.

Christmas lampwork beads in emerald green and red

These colors also just so happen to work perfectly in filigrana cane for making festive Christmas beads that mimic peppermint candies and such. And what better way to add a little glitz than to grab some of those commercial goldstone stringers you have hiding in your stash.

These beads are all made from Effetre glass in the following base colors:
  • Effetre 006 super clear
  • Effetre 028 light emerald
  • Effetre 076 transparent red
  • Effetre 204 white
  • Effetre 436 dark red

Merry Christmas!

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