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Art is my passionGlass is my medium. Color is my happy. Family is my everything.

My name is Leslie Deaunne and I have been working with glass as an art medium since I first discovered it in the little glassblowing shops in Prague.

I love glass - the texture, the transparency ... the color. I like to melt it and shape it and twist it around. I like to stack it high and melt it down. I like to cut it and shape it and piece it together. But mostly I like to share it with others.

All my creations come from the work of my own two hands. I use the finest raw materials in everything I make. I strive for excellence in craftsmanship and guarantee the quality of my work. I primarily use Effetre and Reichenbach glass and like to share my insight on working with these colors.

I create out of my home studio in the state of Minnesota where much of my inspiration comes from the great outdoors.

All my beads, jewelry, and home decor can be purchased from my Etsy store.

Having worked with glass since 2006, I like to share my ideas and knowledge and hope you find something useful here. This blog is primarily organized into a few main sections:
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Thanks for visiting. Drop me a line in the comments or reach out to me on IG, Facebook, or Etsy. May your life be filled with an abundance of color.


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