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Glass Color Families Part Two

Previously I discussed how sometimes you get pigeonholed into making a specific style of bead and it can quash your creativity. I changed my mentality at the torch and began focusing on color families instead of specific bead styles.

I never went back. Occasionally I still kick out a set that is quintessentially me when I am on beadmaking autopilot ... but my beadmaking 'signature' has moved more towards color combinations and focusing on harmonious color palettes.

These recent sets are a shout-out to one of my favorite colors: orange.

Is there a happier color than orange? I can't help but smile when I see orange. It is a color I use quite often because I just love it so. 

I even love the smell of orange. It smells fresh and clean. It is invigorating and energizing. 

My dad's favorite color was orange. Maybe that is why I am so drawn to it and use it as the accent color throughout my home. It reminds me of him.

Orange and Aqua Lampwork Glass Beads

orange yellow pink lampwork glass beads
Sunshine: orange, yellow, pink:
tabs, discs, rounds

orange pink blue green lampwork glass beads
orange, pink, green, blue:
tabs, discs, sprees, barrels, rounds

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