Color Families

Let's focus on color families. After making the same style of bead over and over again, I noticed that I was losing my enthusiasm for the craft and becoming stressed out during my precious time at the torch.

Lampworking is supposed to be my happy place, not an added source of stress in my life.

So I changed my habits. Instead of making a set of all the same bead, I am focusing on the color families - choosing a set of colors I want to work with and letting the beads become whatever they are going to be.

This means working with different shapes, sizes, and styles ... but staying entirely within the same color palette. All the beads could work together in a set, or they could each become their own piece of jewelry, or matched up with other components in the same color family.

All of these sets focus on a specific color palette. But I explored different styles of beads as well as mixing up the shapes and sizes. It made the creative process more fun while finishing with a unified grouping of beads ... and still being recognizable as 'Leslie' beads.

lime purple aqua lampwork glass beads
Trifecta: green, turquoise, purple:
sprees, discs, rounds, and nuggets

spring green blue orange lampwork glass beads
Happiness: orange, green, blue:
sprees, discs, rounds, and nuggets

purple blue green lampwork glass beads
April Snow: violet, lapis, green:
sprees, discs, rounds, and nuggets

How do you organize your time at the torch? Do you go in with a set plan or do you let the creative muse take you wherever it will? Don't be afraid to branch out and try something new or different.

This is your permission slip. There is no rule that says you have to stick to a 'signature' style. Be bold and enjoy the process.


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