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Do you ever go through phases where you get on an obsessive kick about one particular thing ... and then you do that same thing over and over again until you are tired of it ... and then you move on to the next thing and start the obsession all over again?

No? Just me?

Maybe I should start blogging about the obsession of the month because that is about how long they each seem to last.

And the winner for this month is: bead pairs

Beadbijoux by Leslie Deaunne Lampwork Glass Beads

Been having fun making just two of everything. It seems to be the perfect amount of attention that I can muster for the time being: 

  • Get on the torch 
  • Make a quick little pair 
  • Run off and do other things

I mean, it is Minnesota summer after all. And given the choice between being inside and outside ... I choose outside every.single.time

Color Sampling

The best part of making these little color sample sets is that I can determine which color recipes I like, and what color families I want to work with. The stand-outs will surely become larger bead sets and the others will simply go off to their new homes as fun little pairs.

Have you ever thought a color combination would look perfect by holding two rods next to each other like a box of crayons? But when you melted them together into a bead they came out looking like mud? Or had beads crack after you took them out of the kiln because of an incompatibility issue?

Yup. It happens to the best of us. It only took me several sets of either ugly or broken beads before I learned the hard way. 

When testing new color combinations start by making just two beads. If they come out looking fantastic, then make more. If not, at least you only wasted a small amount of glass rather than a half kilo of it. 

And if they are okay but not as exciting as you thought they would be, you still have a matching pair for earrings and you can move on to something new.

So if you are like me and have a short attention span, or simply want to test a new color combination ... try making pairs. It takes the pressure off creating a large set while becoming a stand-alone good seller for earrings!

Love these color combos? I am actively working on my first e-book of color combinations and bead recipes. Subscribe to my blog to stay updated and find color inspiration. Shop my Etsy store if you are looking for the perfect bead pairs to make into earrings.

Lampwork Glass Beads by Leslie Deaunne of Beadbijoux

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