Wrist Candy

Do you wear bracelets? I find they are a must-have accessory with anything sleeveless or short-sleeved - less so if the outfit includes a jacket or long-sleeved blouse. But all that bare arm needs some wrist candy to complete any look.

Bracelets are a somewhat cyclical accessory ... and right now they are a hot trend. Presumably because friendship bracelets are a big deal if you are a Taylor Swift fan. I love that she has brought friendship bracelets back in style.

I made friendship bracelets as a kid. I still have a caddy of DMC embroidery floss from the 80s. My favorite style though was the safety pin bracelets. Do you remember those? We filled a whole bunch of safety pins with seed beads, stacked them together, and strung them on two pieces of stretchy cord. They were flashy, big, and chunky and everything a bracelet should be.

Reminiscent of my favorite bracelets from my childhood I've been making wrist candy in the flashy, big, and chunky style. 

Multi-strands are like stacking bracelets tied together with a single clasp. In honor of my safety pin bracelet days I got out the seed beads and worked up some tubular herringbone stitch. And then I stepped it up a notch by weaving Swarovski crystals together for extra bling.

handmade beaded bracelets

Are you looking for something to adorn your wrist and jazz up your outfit? Check out my Etsy store for handmade one-of-a-kind bracelets. They might not be the kind you trade with your friends on the Eras tour ... but they will certainly make a great accessory for whatever era you dress for.


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