Eclipse Spring Rose Testing

#0477 Spring Rose

More like perfect purple if you ask me - a lovely purple with blue undertones. Most opaque purples have warm reddish undertones, so the blue tones in this purple are refreshing and fill a gap in the 96 glass color palette.
lampwork glass beads

Working Notes

Opacity: This is an opaque glass. A thick application over clear transmits very little light. A thin application over a darker base color sinks in and allows none of the base color to show.

Spread: This glass sinks. When super heated it goes nowhere, but rather sinks into the base color and a color pooling starts to appear in the centers. You can see the darker blue spots pooling in the center on the olive bead.
lampwork glass beads

Futz Factor: I didn't notice much devitrification with this glass, but then again I always encase my opaque pinks and purples in clear. And since this glass doesn't spread, it didn't seep out of my clear where it was exposed to multiple heating and cooling cycles.

The un-encased stringers I pulled (with R100 clear) have a rough texture and didn't pull out evenly. You can clearly see the color separation. When laid onto the bead it created lovely striations and variegation in color.

Like most furnace glass worked in a sharp hot flame, it did boil and pit when hit with direct heat. Encasing then created some micro-bubbles so it likes to be worked cool, unless you like the effect.
glass stringers

Color: This color stayed true to its cold form. It is a luscious purple with blue undertones and lots of variegation. Some fun color effects with the pooling.

Compatibility: This is a 96 COE furnace glass. Beads were made with a combination of Reichenbach furnace glass cane, Uroboros System 96 cane, and Eclipse Glassworks frit.
glass frit

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Eclipse Glassworks. I received some sample glass in exchange for an honest review.


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