Eclipse Light Orchid Pink Testing

#0677 Light Orchid Pink

I'd say the name of this color is spot on. A bright pink with purple undertones that is vibrant and not washed out.
lampwork glass beads

Working Notes

Opacity: This is an opaque glass. A thick application over clear does not transmit much light. Even a thin application over a darker base color holds it owns and doesn't allow much, if any, of the base color through.

Spread: This glass spreads. When super heated it spread out over the base color. It also attempted to seep out of the encasement layer if I didn't butt the seems up super tight.

Futz Factor: Again, most opaque pink glass will devitrify if exposed to multiple heating and cooling cycles. For this reason I almost always encase it in a layer of clear. However, this glass smooths out quite easily when brought back up to a warm even glow before popping in the kiln. Even the ends that seeped outside of my clear are still shiny.

It boils easily if overheated as does most furnace glass when worked in a sharp hot flame. This time I worked further back in the flame and was more gentle with my heat and it behaved just fine. The un-encased stringers have a rough surface and became slightly brittle, but still laid down nicely and only gave me some micro-bubbles, but no pitting.

Color: This color stayed true to its cold form. It is a vibrant pink with cool undertones and leans slightly purple-ish under studio lighting.

Compatibility: This is a 96 COE furnace glass. Beads were made with a combination of Reichenbach furnace glass cane, Uroboros System 96 cane, and Eclipse Glassworks frit. Fused cabochons made with System 96 and Eclipse Glassworks frit, and a sprinkle of mica powder.

Small spree bead made with Effetre 104 clear to test viscosity. The '5% rule' does not apply in this case as the 104 bead has developed incompatibility cracks - as anticipated.

Unfortunately, the System 96 bead and cabochons have also developed incompatibility cracks. Beads made with only Reichenbach furnace glass and Eclipse #0677 are fine. Therefore I would stick solely to 96 COE furnace glass when working with this color.

glass frit

lampwork glass beads

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Eclipse Glassworks. I received some sample glass in exchange for an honest review.


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