Reichenbach Glass Color Reference - Part 2

Color Charts for Reichenbach 96 Lampworking Cane

I just love Reichenbach glass. The colors are so dense and so rich. I am slowly converting my lampworking glass from 104coe to 96coe so I am making color reference charts as I go. Here's my latest batch of colors.

Reichenbach glass lampwork glass beads

R74 Granny Apple Green 

- is fun key lime green. It is darker than Effetre Pea Green, but more limey than Effetre Nile Green
Reichenbach R74 Granny Apple Green Glass Beads
R74 Granny Apple Green

R84 Dutch Blue 

- matches its namesake and is a nice delft blue. It is a dead ringer for Effetre Dark Periwinkle.
Reichenbach R84 Dutch Blue Glass Beads
R84 Dutch Blue

R119 Mandarin 

- is my most favorite orange ever. It is a soft yellowish orange - reminds me of butternut squash. It would be closest in comparison to Effetre Yellow Apricot without the dark streaks.
Reichenbach R119 Mandarin Glass Beads
R119 Mandarin

All three colors made spacer beads that came out the exact same color as the rod itself. No striking or extra work required.


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