Mystic Success - Getting that Shampoo Sheen from Reichenbach Mystic Glass

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Update 2023: The secret of Reichenbach Mystic glass is worthy of a re-post ... especially given I just started using it again and went through my trials and tribulations of the past - although I caught on much quicker this time.

This glass really does like to be encased. Not only does encasing help protect it from devitrification, but it also highlights the translucent nature of the glass and allows the light to pass through - resulting in an opal and pearl effect that really showcases the beauty of glass.

The added fancy of Mystic Beige is that it can appear more white or more cream depending on how much you thin it out with clear and how long and hot you work the bead. The pillows from before [shown below] were worked hotter and longer and slightly reduced for the silver glass effects. Those beads came out a lovely caramel cream - especially where they reacted slightly with the silvered glass. 

The new barrel beads I made just this week came out more white and wispy because I worked them cooler and used a lot more clear. Both sets came from the same original batch of glass!

Lampwork beads made with Reichenbach Mystic Beige
Reichenbach Mystic Beige

Ever since my shipment of Reichenbach glass arrived on the scene I have been on a mission to master this glass. My Type A personality would not allow me to sit idly by and let this glass win. Nope. I had to figure it out and make it work. I would not rest until I made beautiful beads with this glass that was near close to driving me away from the torch forever out of sheer frustration.

Reichenbach Mystic Beige Lampwork Glass Beads
Pearly Pillows - made with Reichenbach Mystic Pink and Mystic Beige

My previous post was a good start. I figured out how to avoid the devitrification for the most part, but I was still unsatisfied. I knew the glass could give me more and I wasn't happy with only pressing once or twice. I always need to tweak it a little here and there to get the shape just right.

Reichenbach Mystic Pink Lampwork Glass Beads
Simply Pink - made with Reichenbach Mystic Pink

Then it dawned on me. Maybe this glass likes to be encased. Duh! Should have thought of that weeks ago before I wasted a few rods making ugly devitrified and generally unappealing beads. So here is the magical secret to making Reichenbach's Mystic line of glass smashingly beautiful with all its streaky and pearly qualities: encase it!

Reichenbach Mystic Green Lampwork Glass Beads
Mystic Forest - made with Mystic green

Follow along on my journey of working with Reichenbach glass as I continue to share my tips and frustrations with this glass.


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