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Mint Green - Effetre Grasshopper and Pale Emerald

Lampworking Soft Glass Color Reference Green has so many different hues and shades that it could be its own color wheel. I personally tend to favor the extreme yellow or blue ends of the green spectrum. Chartreuse and lime are hands down my favorite ... unless you call teal a ' green ' glass.  Teal is one of those ' swing ' colors that could be classified as green or blue depending on who it's with. I generally classify it in the blue family and regard seafoam/mint as the bluest of the true greens. Effetre 591213 Grasshopper In the soft glass world, if working in COE 104 I automatically reach for my Effetre 213 Grasshopper glass. I'm not sure who came up with that name, but in my opinion it is the perfect blue-green soft pastel for a mint green hue. Grasshopper is an opaque glass and I've not experienced any working issues with it.  Effetre 591031 Pale Emerald I most often layer with Effetre Pale Emerald for added depth and that shine you only get by laye

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