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The Making of a Chandelier: Part 2

I need a bigger kiln. Of course I have been saying that for years already ... but this time I meant it . My chandelier design calls for 3.5" x 12" panels. So I went and bought myself an early birthday present. And then my fabulous husband built me a stand. This is true love right here folks: My new baby! ProFusion 16 In addition to a bigger kiln, I needed to stockpile a lot of glass too. Heaven forbid that gorgeous stand my hubby built have any bare shelves. I filled it. And then some. I knew I wanted color, texture, and movement in this chandelier. After a couple of prototype panels, I finalized the design. Now it was just a matter of building the individual glass panels. All 20 of them. In order to keep the overall structure lightweight, I went with single layer panels. Glass naturally wants to be 6mm thick, so in order to keep it 3mm I chose to break all the rules: I tack-fused and slumped all in one firing. Cue the shock and horror. rule breaker! fuse and

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